Rob Hurlston

Lead Project Engineer

Rob joined Caelynx in 2015, shortly after moving to the United States from his native England.  As a project engineer at Caelynx, Rob has worked on and led on a diverse array of projects across a range of industries.  This has allowed him to sharpen his analytical proficiency, particularly in the fields of linear and nonlinear stress analysis, dynamics, heat transfer analysis, and optimization.

Rob has a strong background in materials, with a specialty in metallurgy and structural integrity engineering.  His industrially based doctorate and subsequent post-docs in nuclear materials engineering saw him accumulate over a decade of real-world experience in collaboration with Serco, the University of Manchester (UK), and their partners.  These included key players in the European nuclear industry such as Amec, Rolls-Royce, EDF, and Fraser Nash, as well as a host of partner universities.  Rob has presented much of his work at a number of prestigious international conferences and has also published several journal papers.

Rob holds a first-class master’s degree in materials science and engineering and a postgraduate diploma in enterprise management, along with his doctorate, all of which were completed at the University of Manchester.  He is a big football fan (the type where you kick it with your feet) and an avid golfer.  He also enjoys skiing (both jet and snow), hiking, and playing the guitar, as well as spending time with his family.