Milos Savic

Account Manager

Milos joined Caelynx in 2019 as an account manager after working for nearly three years with electric vehicle startup companies on the West Coast.  Milos enabled his clients to start utilizing the right solutions for their product development needs by leveraging his industry experience and business acumen, focusing on seamless product development for engineers and minimized risk for the C-suite.  His dedication to his client needs and his creative problem-solving made him the go-to person for CAD, CAE, and product development solutions.

Milos earned his master’s in business administration degree from Florida Tech, where he heavily focused on innovation in tech and creating value for clients through a metrics-based approach.  Before completing his MBA, Milos earned a bachelor’s in business economics with honors, for which his areas of focus were macro- and microeconomics.  In his free time, Milos enjoys riding his adventure motorcycle, tinkering and maintaining it. He also enjoys photography, outdoor activities, and travel.