Next-Generation CAE Solutions to Accelerate and Improve Engineering

Improve the quality of medical devices with engineering simulation software from Dassault Systèmes.

The life sciences industry has long struggled to find applications for simulation software due to the complex nature of soft tissue and human biology as compared to the more predictable properties of fluid dynamics, mechanical engineering, and electromagnetic engineering. Yet recent advances in the field have opened the doors to new uses for CAE simulation that are transforming the industry.

With increasingly accurate methodologies capable of modeling tissues, organs, and the human musculoskeletal structure, medical device companies are now able to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of their devices with greater confidence, prior to launching a clinical trial. Simulation also helps researchers test novel treatments without risking patient health, leading to a faster development of new devices, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

The SIMULIA product suite from Dassault Systèmes includes a range of models and materials designed to help developers and researchers better simulate the human body. These include simulations for blood flow, soft tissue, bone and joint mechanics, and more. Most impressively, SIMULIA has recently released a model for a living heart, opening the doors to extensive cardiovascular simulations.

As VARs of Dassault Systèmes software, our expertise is at your disposal.

Our engineers have decades of experience using simulation software for life sciences applications. We have modeled dental implants and knee biomechanics, simulated blood flow and the effects of repeated stress on bone strength, and improved the design of wheelchairs and hospital beds. No matter the application, we can help you develop a methodology to support your work.



The human body is a highly dynamic environment in which to implant a device that must maintain function for millions of cycles. Abaqus is well suited to simulate the entire device lifecycle, and has played a role in US FDA approval submissions.


The orthopedics industry needs a solution simulating joint assembly, mechanics (including durability and wear) and failure modes using complex materials in complex scenarios, and that is what SIMULIA provides.


Designing surgical equipment for efficiency, accuracy and ease of use is challenging and complex. SIMULIA supports interactive modeling, complete contact, an extensive material library, kinematics, and multiphysics. Our solvers enable you to solve even the largest surgical equipment system assembly models with ease.


The materials of the human body are extremely nonlinear in both their properties and interactions, and they come in incredible variety, ranging from artery walls, tendons, cartilage and organs to bones, skin and connective tissue.


Every human body is different, and those differences can mean life or death. With pre-operative data, doctors can use SIMULIA to personalize sensitive medical procedures and improve patient outcomes.


Introduction to Modeling and Simulation for the Pharma Industry

Computational modeling and simulation is prevalent in many industries such as automotive and aerospace, where its power to optimize product design and streamline development processes is widely appreciated and exploited.

We will survey a range of applications from the pharma/biotech industries where simulation is fairly mature and widespread, as well as emerging opportunities to harness the technology.




What Does CAE Mean to the Medical Industry?

The Caelynx team includes two very talented engineers with strong medical background. Here’s what they have to say about the value of engineering simulation in the life sciences:


Creating a Safe Environment During the COVID-19 Pandemic Using Simulation

For society to start recovering during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, the infrastructure of everyday life needs to be reexamined. Any space where people can meet must be assessed for safety, so to simulate virus propagation, companies and institutions around the world are using SIMULIA CFD/Fluid solutions.



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