Next-Generation CAE Solutions to Accelerate and Improve Engineering

Reduce the cost of large-scale prototypes with CAE simulation.

From large, heavy-duty construction equipment to complex robotics, industrial manufacturers produce some of the most complex machinery on the market. Some of this equipment must withstand decades of wear in extreme weather conditions, while others must be able to manage the most delicate tasks with precision. Developing products that live up to these high standards requires realistic simulation.

Dassault Systèmes’s SIMULIA and 3DEXPERIENCE CAE solutions offer designers and engineers the toolsets they need to accelerate their development process. These toolsets can automate the design exploration and optimization process and enable fully-informed, performance-based decision making. They accurately predict complex real-world behavior of component parts, large-scale structures, and complete systems. With these digital twins, designers and engineers can test their ideas under limitless conditions, far faster and cheaper than physical prototyping.

As VARs of Dassault Systèmes software, our expertise is at your disposal.

We are simulation experts. Through years of working with the suite of software provided by Dassault Systèmes, we have acquired a deep knowledge of these programs which we can draw upon to help you get the most out of your software purchase. Working closely with your engineers, we can support your design process every step of the way.


Featured SIMULIA CAE solutions:








What is the Next Big Thing in Crashworthiness Simulations?

“Can I see the crash simulation results by tomorrow morning?”

Large FE models are often used to improve fidelity in vehicle crashworthiness simulations for various crash scenarios. Engineers want the jobs to run overnight so that they can continue their work the next day.

Learn about the latest developments in explicit solver technology in Abaqus/Explicit for higher fidelity and “life-like” crashworthiness simulations that can be turned around overnight.



Improving Heavy Mobile Equipment Design and Reliability with Realistic Simulation: Vol. 1

Realistic simulation helps the development of heavy machinery in so many ways. Dive deep into the potential of advanced FEA with this customer white paper collection, over 100 pages between two volumes.

Some of the titles you’ll find inside include:

  • Tenaris digs deep into hydraulic cylinder performance with Abaqus FEA crack simulation DOE
  • Strength and fatigue life analysis of leaf springs used in heavy duty trucks


Improving Heavy Mobile Equipment Design and Reliability with Realistic Simulation: Vol. 2

  • Bushing connector application in suspension modeling
  • Static and dynamic simulation of rubber tracks using multi-body dynamics to study pressure contact on treads
  • Scania group refine their heavy truck and bus powertrain and drivetrain components


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