Methodology development is where Caelynx can use simulation software in creative ways to go beyond common analyses and answer your critical and difficult questions, devise highly efficient analysis processes targeted at your needs, and solve systems with interconnected influence factors, achieving higher levels of accuracy.

All atypical project work is to some degree an exercise in methodology development, but it can also be done expressly for the purposes of training your engineering analysts new simulation capabilities.

The difficulty in methodology development lies in the proper usage of uncommon and advanced software features, identifying appropriate opportunities for simplification, successfully integrating multiple simulation codes, circumventing computational challenges as more solvers are used, and, ultimately, finding methods that correlate well when there’s no clear roadmap to success.

The Caelynx Advantage

isight abaqus multiphysics workflow
Simulating your product’s most critical interactions (in usage or even in fabrication) may be difficult for a general analyst, but if an expert team like Caelynx can figure it out, verify it, and systematize it, it could become a mainstay of your development process, either in project work with Caelynx, or at your own company after we provide you training materials and direction.

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