Sound FEA relies on a trustworthy model.  That is why Caelynx has always made it a priority to verify our methodologies against physical testing.  We put a lot of resources into developing the skills necessary to produce models and materials that behave realistically, because they establish an accurate foundation, which makes for far more valuable CAE results.


Material characterization:

Complex materials can be tricky for FEA, especially under extreme loading or environmental conditions or in composites.  Clever modeling, sound data interpretation, and user subroutines can be used to reproduce nonlinear and situationally dependent behavior, like failure and degradation, complex layering, variable properties, etc.

Engine Mount Break in LS-Dyna Correlated to Test
Loading up a hospital seat: FEA vs. physical test

Test Correlation:

Many of our projects, especially those involving nonlinear dynamics, start with a physical test video.  With the appropriate material properties, assembly connections and constraints, and an intelligent approach to model simplification, true-to-life simulation behavior is very achievable.  From there, new design and analysis can be pursued with confidence.

The Caelynx Advantage

pin insertion fea correlation

Caelynx is the go-to engineering consultancy for simulation you can rely on.  We use all the tools, technology, and experience at our disposal to produce the level of accuracy you need to trust your FEA and make informed engineering decisions with confidence.

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