SIMULIA Tosca Structure is a flexible, modular software system for non-parametric structural optimization that provides topology, sizing, shape and bead optimization optimization. The setup is simple – model parameterization is not necessary. Existing solver input files (ANSYS, Abaqus, MSC Nastran) are used for the optimization.

Tosca Structure is based on market-leading technology and provides advanced capabilities for optimization with nonlinear analysis and fatigue as well as a specific non-parametric morphing approach.

Topology optimization: Innovative, lightweight design concepts

  • Conceptual design for lighter and stiffer structures. Create lightweight, ready-to-manufacture product designs and reduce time-to-market, physical tests, and prototype builds.

Shape optimization: Improved designs for more durability and strength

  • Improve existing designs for more reliable and durable components. Minimize stress, strain, and damage – or any combination of these – by automatic modification of the surface geometry.

Bead optimization: Efficient bead patterns for increased stiffness and reduced noise

  • Improve the static and dynamic properties of shell structures. Generate optimal bead layouts while accounting for manufacturing constraints, complex geometries, and realistic loads.

Sizing optimization: Best static and dynamic behavior through optimized sheet thicknesses

  • Obtain an optimal relation between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behavior, to gain material savings and take advantage of increased comfort.

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DLC: Case Study: Sunreef Yachts Direct

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Tosca Structure creates optimized design concepts with significant potential for savings of material and weight. Optimization in an early phase speeds up the product development and hence results in a shorter time-to-market. Gain and maintain a better competitive position in the marketplace with innovative, state-of-the-art designs.

  • Economic use of existing IT investments
  • Faster turnaround from analysis to design or manufacturing
  • More durable and lightweight designs
  • Optimized products drive innovations in your market


Tosca Structure features best-in-class optimization technology for high quality simulation results. Take full advantage of your optimization potential while leveraging advanced simulation capabilities such as material and geometrical nonlinearity (large deformation and contact).

  • Seamless integration with leading FEA & durability solvers
  • Direct use of existing knowledge and models
  • Full design flexibility without time-consuming parameterization
  • Fast and easy creation of design variants avoiding intermediate CAD modifications using shape morphing capabilities
  • High fidelity optimization for nonlinear analysis and durability
  • Simultaneous optimization to meet static, dynamic, and thermo-mechanical requirements
  • Handling of complex manufacturing conditions
  • Automatic validation analysis runs and direct data transfer to CAD systems


Tosca Structure, as an open optimization solution, offers a wide range of graphical user interfaces. Choose from a selection of fully featured user interfaces to seamlessly fit into your individual CAE environment. Use an intuitive graphical user interface for easy setup and execution of optimization tasks and workflows.

  • Optimization module in Abaqus/CAE
  • Tosca Extension for ANSYS Workbench
  • Tosca ANSA environment (TAe)
  • Tosca Structure.gui


Wind turbine mainframe

For larger wind turbines, stiffness and strength requirements are more difficult to meet. A redesign of the mainframe should result in an economic design with optimal vibration behavior.


Rear wheel carrier

For weight optimization of this chassis component, multiple criteria such as strength, fatigue, plasticity, and stiffness had to be considered.



Higher eco-efficiency is one of the main targets in the automotive industry. To realize a significant weight reduction of a body-in-white, the optimum balance between weight, stiffness, and dynamic behavior is required.

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