Most simulation users employ FEA to predict breakage as defined by the stress-strain material curve. However, in reality, most part failure is due to fatigue damage accumulated over time, and this can be predicted.

FEMFAT is universally applicable software for fatigue analysis of statically and/or dynamically loaded components and assemblies.  Based on stresses from FEA, FEMFAT delivers analysis results such as fatigue life or damage, as well as safety factors.  This enables the identification of structural weak spots and lightweighting design opportunities at an early product development phase.

FEMFAT advantages at a glance

  • Reliable fatigue software for determining damage, fatigue life, and safety factors
  • Employed successfully for decades at ECS and validated through test results
  • “Software for engineers by engineers”
  • Technologically advanced software, groundbreaking concepts
  • Analysis options for metallic and non-metallic components
  • Simultaneous analysis of base material and weld and/or spot joints
  • Material database with more than 400 data sets as well as a material generator for the creation of new material cards
  • Numerous interfaces ensure easy integration into your CAE process
  • A modular design allows a tailored solution for your particular set of challenges
  • Flexible licensing options optimized for several usage patterns
  • A competent sales and support team with local branches all over the world
  • Comprehensive documentation, “Getting Started” videos, etc.



Easily calculate damage and safety factor for simple stress distributions, even with assembly preload and temperature dependency. Example applications: bulkhead ignition, cavity pressure.

FEMFAT Channel Max

Combine unlimited channels of load histories into a single complex fatigue calculation. Example applications: subframe vibration, pothole impact

FEMFAT Trans Max

Sequence transient stress distributions and predict fatigue life of load cycles. Example application: bearing wall with rotating loads, braking loads.

FEMFAT Spectral

Study multiaxial stochastic loading exclusively in the frequency domain with power spectral densities (PSDs) for increased efficiency at no cost to accuracy. Example application: road load durability of mounting brackets.


Use transient stress, strain, and temperature data to compute mechanical, oxidation, and creep damage with FEMFAT’s special TMF material and damage models.


Powerful weld fatigue analysis featuring an easy-to-use 3D weld definition in FEMFAT Viewer. Study weld joint, shape, materials, and even sensitivity to manufacturing variation.

Material Generator & Database

Access FEMFAT’s extensive material library or generate your own material models from your own parameters with ease.

Designed and Tested for Your Needs

FEMFAT is compatible with your solver of choice and will integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow.

Flexible Post-Processing

View results in 3D and probe them in detail with FEMFAT Viewer, or export to the post-processor format of your choosing.

Optimization Software-Compatible

Optimize your design for fatigue damage by pairing FEMFAT with an optimization code such as Tosca Structure.

FEMFAT Software Overview

femfat software overview

Two decades of development done hand-in-hand with real-world users means FEMFAT is foundational to the success of countless products in use today.  It is thoroughly tested, highly reliable, and replete with customizations and features to suit a wide array of applications and industries.  It is a software Caelynx enthusiastically employs in many projects, and we are therefore proud to be its exclusive North American reseller!

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