A revolutionary new CAE solution —
powered by solvers you TRUST.

3DEXPERIENCE Simulation is a reconception of your day-to-day experience as an engineer who uses simulation.  Traditional CAE pre-/post- tools can often leave your day dominated by so many things that are NOT engineering — repetitive and painstaking (re)meshing, tedious model and analysis setup, slow designer back-and-forth, time-wasting IT struggles, file organization and transfer, long waits for compute (or even the opportunity to compute).

All of these headaches can be dramatically mitigated, if not eliminated, by starting over: by retiring decades-old FEA methods and solutions, we can fully leverage modern computing and networking to our advantage, all while keeping the same rock-solid, industry-leading nonlinear FEA code of Abaqus and other solvers.

3DEXPERIENCE is available on-premise or on-cloud.  It can be used as a point solution for individual engineers, as a full CAD-CAE-CAM solution for your whole organization, or anything in between. Caelynx, as simulation experts, provide friendly, prompt, and experienced software support every step of the way.

Two-way CAD-CAE data connection

  • No data transfer necessary — instantaneous updates
  • Full data access — CAD materials and connections in CAE
  • BONUS: Robust import & repair, automatic parametrization of loose CAD

Intelligent & automated model assembly

  • Robust automeshing algorithm for consistent, high-quality FE
  • Robust CAD processing to autogenerate special FE features and connectors
  • Rules and templates make your labor infinitely reusable
  • One-click full-model FE updates after CAD changes

Data & computing responsibilities, restructured

  • Platform-based applications — minimal setup for user
  • Platform-based data — no file transfer and version tracking necessary
  • Cloud compute changes everything
    • Enterprise HPC for all — no purchase, staffing, housing, or maintenance
    • Up to 144-core Abaqus solves and unlimited concurrent jobs
    • Affordably scalable to any size or frequency of use
3dexperience cfd optimization white paper cover WHITE PAPER

Multidisciplinary Parametric Optimization of Cooling Channel Cross-section for Battery Thermal Management
This white paper details the application of the CAD-CAE connection and streamlined optimization processes within 3DEXPERIENCE to achieve the best possible structural, thermal, and CFD performance.

DLC: Multidisciplinary Parametric Optimization of Cooling Channel Cross-section for Battery Thermal Management


Validate Aerospace Structures at the Subsystem Level with Simulation

To efficiently address these engineering objectives, highly accurate methods for structural validation fully integrated with design are needed in all phases of an aircraft program.

The 3DEXPERIENCE simulation solution is based on best-in-class Abaqus solver technology and offers scalable fidelity structural methodologies from linear to highly nonlinear simulations.


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Trust the Drive – Electric Drive Noise and Vibration Analysis

e-drive 3d model
Those who attend the webinar will learn about the main components of electric drive engineering, as well as how noise and vibration analysis can be carried out by integrating structural, electromagnetic and multibody system simulations.

Thomas will discuss the five steps involved in the process of building simulation models, and the need for involvement of various individuals in the process. Customer examples will also be provided.


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Assessing Equipment Reliability with High Fidelity Multiphysics Simulations

multiphysics simulations
Heavy mobile equipment have to stay in operation for decades, operating for long hours and under heavy loads. It is highly critical that these equipment are designed to be durable to minimize service down-times.

Coupled with the customization requirements coming from customers that lead to a profusion of product variants, heavy mobile equipment manufacturers face significant challenges in developing and managing durable heavy mobile equipment product portfolios.

In this e-seminar, we will show how 3DEXPERIENCE simulation can help address these challenges.


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Making Drug Delivery More Effective with Multiphysics Simulation

FEA Simulation in Life Sciences
The life sciences industry is poised to undergo a rapid transformation as regulatory agencies are aggressively opening the door wider to the use of computer modeling and simulation results as evidence in submissions.

In this webinar, discover the benefits of simulation in Life Sciences for population-based research and product development. You will also learn about the significant value modeling & simulation offers to the Pharma/Biotech segment.


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In addition to traditional on-site installation, the full 3DEXPERIENCE Platform is available via cloud subscription!

  • Benefit from a SaaS, PaaS, IaaS all-in-one offering
  • Access to the platform and discover all the available roles
  • Access to enterprise class technology
  • Access to all the corresponding online trainings
  • Take advantage of the automatic upgrades deliveries
  • Access to Dassault Systèmes Cloud Support 24/7
  • Promotional pricing available for qualified customers!




product development
3DEXPERIENCE Platform is a complete solution from concept to production. Caelynx and Dassault Systèmes will work together with you to achieve your successful digital transformation.