FEA & CFD provide advanced modeling solutions for the energy and electrification industries.

Across the globe, power plants are being designed to produce greener energy at sufficient output levels to replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. The engineering behind these generators and related structures is complex, especially as they must withstand extreme physical conditions and natural forces, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, while maintaining reliable, safe performance.

Meanwhile, the simultaneous push for wireless devices and electric vehicles has created a demand for more longer-lasting and more powerful batteries. Electromagnetic simulation technology tests the storage capacity and output of electrical power during use-case scenarios.

Despite recent and ongoing improvements in this field, the energy industry still has a long way to go to improve efficiency. The field is ripe for innovation, and simulation is the key to getting ahead.

Caelynx delivers performance prediction to power generation and storage at any scale

CAE provides critical engineering guidance in:

  • Nuclear
  • Oil & gas
  • Solar
  • Wind, hydroelectric, & geothermal
  • Power systems
  • Energy storage

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