CAE simulation offers manufacturers advanced tools for product design and packaging.

Many consumer goods require advanced simulation before they reach the market, both to ensure proper performance and to avoid warranty costs. For instance, consider the engineering that is involved in fine-tuning the suspension mechanisms of a mountain bike, or the design involved in footwear construction to create a comfortable insole. Putting these products through multiple rounds of prototype testing would lead to higher development costs. Simulations achieve these results faster and allow for more variables to be tested.

This isn’t all. Transporting a finished product from the production plant to its final destination in a way that ensures safe delivery often requires as much design and engineering as the product itself. Each new design must be carefully tested to prevent unforeseen design problems that might result in product loss—such as bottles that are prone to tip over on the assembly line, or shipping containers that lose their shape once filled.

Caelynx helps you optimize product performance from manufacturing, to shipping, to real-world usage.

CAE provides critical engineering guidance in:

  • Operational loading
  • Abuse & fatigue loading
  • Blow modeling
  • Conveying & filling
  • Capping & labeling
  • Casing & palleting

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