FEA & CFD improve production and development processes for aerospace manufacturers.

Aerospace is one of the most tightly controlled and regulated markets in the world. With a long design and production process, high safety standards, and a multitude of engineering requirements necessary to achieve optimal performance, any solution that can shorten the process while yielding higher-quality outcomes has the potential to deliver huge savings in design and production costs.

CAE simulation accomplishes this by providing design analysis early in the production process, eliminating designs that fail simulation tests, and reducing the number of designs that must undergo expensive prototype testing.

Caelynx provides aerospace manufacturers with the full range of simulation, including multiphysics, aerodynamics, acoustics, electromagnetics, and more.

CAE provides critical engineering guidance in:

  • Aero engines
  • Aerostructures
  • Avionics
  • Composite structures
  • Landing gear
  • Space systems
  • Cabin components
  • Electrical & telecommunications systems

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