If your Abaqus license is FLEXNet (as opposed to DSLS), you can “check out” licenses for a limited amount of time when you know you won’t be able to contact your license server for awhile. In order to borrow licenses in this fashion, SIMULIA requires a feature add-on (it’s free), which you can get by contacting your VAR.

FLEXLM borrowing is done from a command prompt. Press Win+R and run the command “cmd” to summon a command prompt. From there:

1. This command opens the borrowing state and specifies the end date:

abaqus licensing lmborrow abaquslm 15-Apr-2020

2. You then have to run the products you wish to borrow. If you want a CAE license, then you have to start CAE. If you want solver tokens, then you need to run a standard or explicit job. You can run the verification process to get these licenses, i.e.:

abaqus verify -cae -std -exp

3. Once you have done that, you need to close the borrowing state:

abaqus licensing lmborrow -clear

4. You can then confirm that you’ve successfully borrowed your desired features with this command:

abaqus licensing lmborrow -status

There is more documentation of lmborrow here.

Unfortunately, early return of borrowed tokens is not enabled for Abaqus so make sure you don’t borrow for too long by accident.

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