Grow Your Abaqus Install Base at 20-50% Off!

Limited Offer Q3 2019

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Now is the time for existing Abaqus customers to grow their install base at a big discount! Reveal the full potential of realistic simulation by using SIMULIA’s “Power of the Portfolio” technologies to move from simulate to innovate. The Extended Packaging provides a flexible token pool to access the following capabilities:
Abaqus – Proven finite element analysis (FEA)
Isight – Process automation and design optimization capabilities
Tosca – Structural & fluid flow optimization for conceptual and detailed design
fe-safe – Fatigue and durability evaluation to predict and analyze product life

OFFER 1: ADDQAX (Extended CAE)

50% off

For existing customers looking to add more Abaqus/CAE users cost effectively while also gaining access to the “Power of the Portfolio” suite of tools.



No quantity limit restrictions

OFFER 2: ADDQXT (Abaqus Token)

20% off

For existing customers looking to add additional tokens at a very competitive price. Realize the full potential of the “Power of the Portfolio” technologies by having access to all advanced capabilities.


Offered in 5 or 10 Packs,
Limited to one 10 pack per site


The Abaqus Extended applications share the Abaqus token pool to provide durability analysis, process automation, and design optimization.  They're a great way to produce more effective, longer-lasting parts, at less manufacturing cost. We use them all the time in our consulting, so if you're interested, we can show you plenty of examples from our own portfolio.


Download these brochures to learn more:


Durability analysis software


Process automation and parametric optimization

Tosca Structure:

Topology and shape optimization

Tosca Fluid:

Fluid flow design optimization


Run More Cores, Get More Done

The appropriate core count can compress iteration cycles from days to hours or hours to minutes.  Adding CPUs quickly improved the solve speed of this force-displacement analysis of an armrest model with 470k nodes, elastic materials, and simple contact.

Results vary depending on model size, contents, and solve methods. Contact us to discuss your unique situation!

Abaqus CPU Benchmarks for 470k Node Analysis

More cores require more tokens, but as you add cores, the cores-per-token ratio improves:

Cores Tokens Needed Cores Tokens Needed Cores Tokens Needed Cores Tokens Needed
1 5 5 9 9 12 13 14
2 6 6 10 10 13 14 15
3 7 7 11 11 13 15 15
4 8 8 12 12 14 16 16

Token calculator:

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