FEMFATNow is your chance to learn FEMFAT and make accurate fatigue prediction a part of your development process!  Whether you’re new or experienced, there’s a freeclass for you in Troy on October 17th, the day after the User Meeting.  FEMFAT will also be holding a one-day crash course in California on October 19th!  This course will serve as an introduction to FEMFAT, cover the usage of several FEMFAT modules, and present the advancements made in the latest major software update, FEMFAT 5.3.  Don’t miss this chance to empower yourself and your team with top-of-the-line fatigue analysis!  Your registration link accompanies the class listing below.

FEMFAT Basic Training—October 17, 2018—Troy, MI

  • Overview of FEMFAT modules (Basic, Plast, Max, etc.)
  • Concepts of fatigue analysis
  • Creating, parametrizing, and running FEMFAT jobs
  • Using the FEMFAT material generator
  • Running batch jobs
  • FEMFAT Basic module overview and specifics
  • Additional modules to be covered, time permitting
  • Workshop problems throughout the course

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FEMFAT Advanced Training—October 17, 2018—Troy, MI

  • Overview of FEMFAT Weld
    • FEMFAT Weld introduction
    • Modeling of weld seams
    • Definition of weld seams
    • Description of the different analysis techniques
    • Example
  • Modal-Based Fatigue with FEMFAT in the Time and Frequency Domain
    • Base theory of modal based fatigue
    • Harmonic tool introduction
    • Example using harmonic
    • SPECTRAL introduction
    • Example using Spectral
  • Fatigue Analysis of Rotating Parts (Optional, Time Dependent)
    • Problem description
    • Example of a differential gear
    • FEMFAT max damage analysis using measured force and speed data

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FEMFAT Tech Day—October 19, 2018—Sunnyvale, CA

  • How to start with FEMFAT
  • Theoretical background
  • First usage with FEMFAT Basic
  • FEMFAT 5.3 new features

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