• Date: December 15th, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

In this e-seminar we will go over the features and improvements of XFlow version 2021 and 2021x which this year has focused on three main topics to improve the user experience, extend simulation capabilities and increase performance:

  1. Model build, to improve the user experience and further streamline an already straightforward setup process even more
  2. Co-simulation, in order to take advantage of other SIMULIA technologies to improve user experience or to extend the FSI capabilities of XFlow
  3. GPU, which we believe will be a before and after milestone for XFlow given the huge increase not only on performance but in terms of making HPC intense computations affordable to average users



  • New Features and improvements in XFlow 2021 and 2021x
  • Model build, further streamlining setup
  • Co-simulation, taking advantage of other SIMULIA technologies
  • GPU, making high-performance computing (HPC) computations affordable to average users

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