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  • Date: September 27th, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

Problem: a typical radial piston seal application has shown some long term sealing performance reliability issues in the field and is failing at nearly a 50% rate over time. Failure is caused because the fluid (fuel) is dissolving the elastomeric O-ring, yet nominal design analysis (both material and geometry) shows that the fluid should not contact the O-ring. This e-seminar will show how we can use Isight and Abaqus to simulate the problem by taking into account manufacturing tolerances and material variation to estimate the probability that fluid can contact the O-ring. By using probabilistic methods in the Isight program we will change the design to optimize the piston seal to minimize the probability of O-ring failure due to pressure penetration of the fuel.


  • Simulate Pressure Penetration on a Piston Seal using Abaqus
  • Automate Abaqus Piston Seal model using Isight
  • Measure Reliabilty of Piston Seal given tolerances
  • Optimize Design to maximize Reliablity

Who should attend?
Anyone interested in process automation, opitimization, reliability and robustness.

    Residual Strength of Carbon Fiber Panels with Delamination

    We propose a method to calculate the carbon fiber panel residual strength of the civil plane wing prototype using Abaqus software.

    M.V. Pavlov, I.A. Zharenov, TsAGI
    2015 SIMULIA Community Conference

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