• Date: October 21st, 2019
  • Time: 7:00 am EST

Topology, shape, bead and sizing optimization of FE models can be performed with Tosca Structure for design of lightweight, rigid and durable components and systems. A parameterization of the model is not needed.

  • Topology optimization determines an optimum design proposal starting with a given maximum design domain.
  • In Shape optimization, the components surface is modified to reduce local stress or damage peaks.
  • Bead optimization is used to determine the optimum location and orientation of bead stiffeners for sheet metal components.
  • Sizing optimization derives optimal thicknesses for a shell structure to, e.g., increase stiffness or reduce vibrations.

Tosca Fluid provides topology optimization of channel flow problems. Starting from an initial design space, an optimized design of a flow channel is determined automatically by Tosca Fluid. With only one CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver run an optimized structure with e.g. significantly reduced pressure drop or homogeneous flow is derived. This allows for the first time an economic topology optimization of industrial large scale flow applications.


  • How Tosca can help improve your competitiveness
  • What is non-parametric optimization
  • What kind of optimizations can be performed with Tosca
  • Application examples from the industry where Tosca was successfully used

Who should attend?
Simulation analysts with an interest in improving product performance using non-parametric optimization methods.


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