Introduction to FEMFAT


  • Date: October 30th, 2019
  • Time: 9:00 am EST

Course Objective

This free introduction to FEMFAT training is a one day, introductory course that covers the basics for getting started with fatigue analysis using FEMFAT software. The course combines lecture and workshop to teach you how to set up and run a fatigue analyses. The course begins with a primer on fatigue theory, covering fundamentals like S/N Curve, Haigh Diagram, Rainflow Matrix, and Critical Cutting Plane Method. Next, we walk through the GUI to demonstrate how to set up and run an analysis. Finally, the workshops allow you to practice, hands-on, what you have learned.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Concepts of fatigue analysis
  • Overview of FEMFAT modules (Basic, Plast, Max, etc.)
  • Creating, parametrizing, and running FEMFAT jobs
  • Using the FEMFAT material generator
  • Running batch jobs
  • Reviewing and interpreting fatigue results
  • Fatigue strength influence factors
  • FEMFAT Basic module overview and specifics
  • Multiaxial fatigue analysis (Channelmax, Transmax)
  • Workshop problems throughout the course


Who Should Attend? Engineers who have never done a fatigue analysis and/or beginner through intermediate users of FEMFAT.


Space is limited to 15 students and lunch will be provided.

This course will be taught by Carl Osterwisch, Caelynx Technical Manager.

Caelynx is partnered with Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) and is the North American distributor of FEMFAT, handling all sales, training, and level-one support for the region.

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