SIMULIA inherent strain method for additive manufacturing


  • Date: September 25th, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

After introducing some technological and implementation background, we will cover the application in various fields of additive manufacturing simulations. We will illustrate the additive manufacturing simulation process by means of examples, covering the end-to-end process from process planning through to process simulation and post-processing. Results from eigenstrain-type simulations will be used to discuss the advantages and shortcomings of the technology. Join our eSeminar to learn how additive manufacturing processes can be simulated using the eigenstrain method, allowing designers to quickly estimate whether or not additive manufacturing can be considered a suitable process for the part in question. Researchers and managers will gain an overview over the simulation process, helping them to understand the technology and its potential applicability in their businesses and organizations.


  • Additive Manufacturing Simulation
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

Who should attend?
Engineers, researchers and managers who are interested in learning about simulating additive manufacturing processes using the eigenstrain method.

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