PowerFLOW Simulation


  • Date: October 2nd, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

Dirt, water and other contaminants are the reality of driving on roads.  While we cannot prevent this we can impact where and how vehicles interact with it.

By strategically designing the vehicle we can minimize exposure of sensitive regions like sensors, cameras, brakes and air intakes to these contaminants. This will reduce warrantee issues, increase uptime, save on expensive cleaning solutions and reduce customer complaints.

In this e-seminar, we will show how PowerFLOW helps with design decision making related to soiling and water management. This includes taking a close look at how simulation can help guide sensor placement to maximize up time in adverse conditions.


• Meet or exceed design targets for vehicle soiling from an early stage
• Reduce vehicle camera and sensor failures in adverse conditions
• Optimize driver experience and aesthetic comfort
• Avoid expensive late stage redesign and associated launch delays

Who should attend?
ADAS Engineers, Aerodynamics Engineers, Program Managers


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