powerflow aircraft noise propagation


  • Date: October 11th, 2019
  • Time: 4:30 am EST

Ehab FARES, SIMULIA A&D Director, and Zaki ABIZA, SIMULIA Industry Solutions Manager, A&D Initiatives, will discuss how to use SIMULIA Fluids Solutions to simulate aircraft community noise virtually at an early stage. In this e-seminar, gain deeper insights into noise generation mechanisms and develop noise reduction concepts. Learn how to meet certification requirements and airport community noise targets, and reduce risks of late design changes at flight test as well as overall development time and costs.

The following topics will be highlighted in this e-seminar:

  • Introduction of the main A&D industry trends
  • Introduction of Aircraft Community Noise challenges and benefits
  • Technical details of each benefit and differentiator
  • Main Aircraft Community Noise workflows addressed by SIMULIA fluids solutions

 Who should attend the e-seminar?

  • Audience: Head of Testing/Simulation, Head Project/Program, Head of Engineering/Development
  • Users: Aeroacoustic Engineer, Certification Engineer, Systems Engineer, Safety Engineer
  • SIMULIA Community: SIMULIA BT Sales, SIMULIA VAR’s, SIMULIA Products Users

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