cst studio suite emc emi model


  • Date: August 7th, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

In this eSeminar we will discuss common problems that occur in such an environment and solution strategies to tackle them. CST Studio Suite offers a unique complete solution which can look at these problems on many different levels, from the individual component or PCB level all the way up to a complete vehicle and its surrounding infrastructure.

We are constantly surrounded by countless electronics in our daily lives. Personal communication and entertainment devices, healthcare devices, and modern vehicles combine batteries, a bouquet of antennas, sensors and other electronic components. Their frequency bands and applications are already incredibly varied and there is only more complexity down the road. Electromagnetic Interference within and among these devices on multiple scales is a huge challenge and compliance with regulations from all around the globe an engineering necessity.



  • How to identify and solve common EMC/EMI problems
  • Why simulation is a key part of EMC/EMI toolbox
  • Simulation throughout the development process


Who should attend?
This eSeminar is targeted at design engineers who build and construct simulation models to evaluate EMC/EMI behavior or system integrators who bring together a multitude of disparate systems to look at the overall system performance


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