Battery Module and Pack Engineering


  • Date: June 22nd, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

The right battery pack design is critical to offer the range, cost, safety, durability, and driving experience customers demand. Introducing this technology into vehicles remains a challenge since the trade-offs between cost and performance are so high. Balancing these aspects is key for both new market entrants and existing OEMs. In addition, neither have the experience from years of production to guide decisions.

The lack of physical testing facilities and the length of testing required to design high-performance batteries add to the challenges that cannot be solved by traditional development processes.

E-Seminar Highlights:

  • Learn how to develop innovative thermal management solutions to ensure a healthy and safe battery pack that can deliver maximum range
  • Discover how state-of-the-art simulation technologies can ensure multi-objective battery performance targets are not only met, but exceeded
  • Explore how Dassault Systèmes solutions for battery module and pack engineering offer alternatives to support developing innovative solutions to cool the battery to increase the vehicle range

Who should attend:

  • Battery cell engineers
  • Battery pack engineers
  • Battery system engineers
  • Safety designer


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