multiphysics simulations


  • Date: April 10th, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

Heavy mobile equipment have to stay in operation for decades, operating for long hours and under heavy loads. It is highly critical that these equipment are designed to be durable to minimize service down-times. Coupled with the customization requirements coming from customers that lead to a profusion of product variants, heavy mobile equipment manufacturers face significant challenges in developing and managing durable heavy mobile equipment product portfolios.

In this e-seminar, we will show how Equipment Strength and Durability Performance solution from Dassault Systèmes can help address these challenges. This solution enables end-to-end tracking of project requirements from the ideation phase to product rollout.

The single source of truth representations of design and simulations avoid costly miscommunications between teams and thereby avoiding ensuing delays. Any changes to designs are easily propagated removing the need to rebuild simulation models (for example to update mid-surfaces, weld lines, etc).

This solution allows designers to run simulations to catch potential issues early in the design cycle. Coupled with advanced multiphysics solvers, design exploration tools engineers can arrive at an optimal design quickly reducing time to market, product development and maintenance costs.


  • Integrated product management with end-to-end requirements tracking
  • Managing product variants with easy propagation of modifications between CAD and simulations
  • Mutliphysics simulations for both designers and analysts
  • Presented workflows: Fatigue life evaluation of welded structures & Induction hardening

Who should attend?
Simulation Analysts, Design Engineers, CAE Team Managers


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