Aircraft communicadtion system design


  • Date: September 17th, 2019
  • Time: 10:00 am EST

Optimizing the performance of aircraft communications systems is not getting easier. The challenge is compounded by the ever increasing number of antennas installed on modern aircraft, the wider use of spectrum to support higher data rates and the tightening of competing design requirements. For example, emphasis on fuel efficiency, demands that antennas have minimal impact on aerodynamic performance. We can expect airspace to become denser, with the proliferation of drones and air taxis. Combining this with dependence on flight automation, underlines the imperativeness of reliable communication.

Digital design combined with simulation enables engineers to predict and optimize aircraft communication system performance. A complex multidimensional design space can be explored quickly using a digital twin, to identify the best design options, and minimize physical prototyping and testing.

In this eSeminar, we will analyze communication system performance for an open rotor concept design. We will cover all aspects of the workflow including; generating suitable antenna models for simulation, creating the aircraft/antenna model assembly, simulating installed performance using hybrid solver technology driven by DOE, combining antenna coupling with transmitter/receiver models to predict co-site interference.



  • Rapid creation of antenna models for simulation
  • Effortless antenna array modeling
  • Installed performance analysis using DOE
  • Co-site interference prediction and mitigation
  • Powerful hybrid solver technology


Who should attend?
Engineers and managers working in the aerospace and defense industry with interest in aircraft communications systems including; antenna design, installed antenna performance simulation and co-site interference analysis.

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