Additive manufacturing


  • Date: November 16th, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

The reliability of additively manufactured (AM) parts is often less than desirable as they suffer from manufacturing defects and hence subpar strength and fatigue life.

After illustrating some validation work at the part level, we will introduce a generic framework for assessing metallurgical phase transformations, building on a previously-developed general simulation framework for predicting temperature evolution, distortions, and residual stresses. We will show the influence of microstructure features on mechanical performance to address the process-structure-property-performance relationship in SLM additive manufacturing.

Join our e-seminar to learn how additive manufacturing processes can be simulated accurately at both part level and meltpool level using thermo-mechanical method. Researchers and managers will gain an overview over the simulation process, helping them to understand the technology and its potential applicability to their businesses and organizations.


  • Additive Manufacturing Simulation
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation
  • Microstructure Features and Mechanical Property Prediction

Who should attend?
Engineers, researchers and managers who are interested in learning about simulating additive manufacturing processes at both part level and meltpool level.

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    M.V. Pavlov, I.A. Zharenov, TsAGI
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