simulia cst antenna simulation


  • Date: July 25th, 2019
  • Time: 11:00 am EST

This eSeminar will show how simulation can help meet the very short design cycles in wireless device design and also how it can enable and accelerate the design process for emerging applications such as high speed, low latency vehicle communication and precision manufacturing applications.

5G is a revolutionary wireless technology that requires radical new mobile device design to ensure required functionality and regulatory compliance while maintaining legacy communications. Simulation is the only practical way to explore this complex new design space and achieve the required performance and KPIs.



  • Explore the wide range of 5G applications
  • Understand the challenges in 5G design
  • See how multiphysics simulation in the context of a business platform can accelerate product design
  • Understand how to meet KPIs and regulatory requirements and ensure the product works first time


Who should attend?
Engineers in wireless mobile device design, vehicular communications and electronics, and industrial process applications (IIoT).
Engineering managers/directors who want to understand the high value of simulation for 5G in various applications.

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