Grow Your Abaqus Install Base at 20-50% Off

When it comes to buying quality FEA software, price is a major concern.  That’s why Caelynx is excited to present you these 20-50% off limited offers!  Click the link above to learn more.

You will get access to the full Abaqus suite along with Caelynx’s top-of-the-line technical support at a significant discount.

Our job is to ensure you are up and running on the most effective simulation package for your budget. That includes fully understanding your simulation needs, configuring your software (and hardware) purchases accordingly, and helping your IT and engineering departments successfully implement everything. Learn more about our approach to being a SIMULIA value-added reseller in this blog post, 7 Questions to Quiz Your Abaqus (SIMULIA) VAR.

Get more details on the offer page, or contact us below:

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