Desktop Metal and Caelynx

Caelynx Now Selling and Servicing Desktop Metal ™ Systems

Desktop Metal’s technologies will enable cost effective 3D printing of metal prototypes and cost-competitive short-run additive manufacturing. Caelynx is a leading simulation consultancy that will be applying FEA-based optimization to the unique material and geometry capabilities of these new systems. Together the technologies will enable new manufacturing methodologies in metal, such as complex shapes that aren’t typically manufacturable, interior light-weighting, mass customization and no-tooling short run production.

Join the 4th Industrial Revolution, the convergence of massive compute power with digital manufacturing.

  • Practical, office environment metal part 3D printing.
  • System price 10x cheaper than laser and electron beam AM systems.
  • Material costs as low as 20% of those for laser or electron beam AM systems.
  • Hand removal of supports
  • Easy overall process


Print Powdered Metal

Parts are 3D printed from low cost MEM powdered metals via a polymer extrusion or powder bed process. Learn more Studio System and  Production System.

Process Shots Sintering

Sinter to Densify

Green parts are de-binded and then custom sintered based on metal type, geometry and desired metallurgical properties. Learn More.

support removal

Easy Support Removal

The supports from the high tolerance, high-density parts are removable by hand. A thin layer of ceramic separates the support metal from the model metal. Learn more