Sales and Service of 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing Systems

Caelynx is part of the 4th Industrial Revolution, that is the convergence of massive computing power and digital fabrication. We are dealers for great new systems that produce parts in two of the most common engineering materials, thermoplastic and metals. We selected our offerings because they produce best in class high strength low, cost parts on office friendly equipment. We use the systems for our design consultancy, we sell the systems and we support the systems.

Services for 3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing of Parts

Caelynx offers part making services for production of high strength plastic prototypes. We use Rize One 3D Printing systems for production of low cost, high strength, isotropic parts. Parts made of Rizium One are twice as strong as FDM ABS parts and have toughness greater than polycarbonate (PC). Because we use the systems in our product development consultancy we can provide you with true engineering understanding of how best to use AM for your prototype.


Design and Process Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing brings new opportunities for the creation of high-performance shapes that can’t be produced economically by other methods. Caelynx uses the Simulia software suite, including Abaqus, for both performance and AM process optimization. Performance objectives include improved strength to weight ratios, meeting difficult envelope requirements and light-weighting. We also perform AM process simulations which result in higher yields and lower post processing requirements.