How to Buy Abaqus: 5 Easy Steps

April 8th, 2015
Hans Steiner

If you are considering acquiring a best-in-class finite element analysis software package such as ABAQUS, you might have wondered about what’s involved in that process.  Here’s a breakdown of the five easy steps you will follow to acquire ABAQUS software: Contact an ABAQUS VAR (Value Added Reseller).  An ABAQUS VAR is a company that has partnered with Dassault Systèmes and is authorized to distribute their software.  There are a couple of things to consider when choosing a VAR: Geographic area  – Many VARs have only limited geographies which they are authorized to sell in, i.e. 1 or a few states. … Continue reading “How to Buy Abaqus: 5 Easy Steps”

Introducing More: Simulias Extended Token Licening

August 25th, 2014
Hans Steiner

Dassault Systemes is continuing to expand its Simulia realistic multi-physics simulation technology portfolio through acquisition of 3rd party software. With this expansion comes added value for customers who are already using Simulia products and are interested in additional capabilities of other software beyond best-in-class ABAQUS capabilities. Companies who currently use ABAQUS know that with Simulia’s Extended Tokens licensing, they already have 3-in-1 access to the Simulia products Abaqus, Tosca and Isight. With the acquisition of Safe Technology’s fe-safe, Dassault Systemes added one more code to the Extended Token product line, making it a 4-in-1 powerhouse. Abaqus 6.14 was released on … Continue reading “Introducing More: Simulias Extended Token Licening”

Isight – Improve Product Design with Parametric Optimization

August 6th, 2014
Hans Steiner

In today’s computer-aided product development environment, engineers use a multitude and variety of design and simulation tools. Often parameters and results from one software package are used as inputs for the next software that is to be used. Manually inputting this data can lead to: reduced efficiency slow product development human error Isight addresses all of these issues. Isight provides designers, engineers, and researchers with a powerful system for automating computer-aided product development processes, exploring the design space and performing parametric optimization. Isight is an open system for integrating design and simulation models. Isight is used to create flexible simulation … Continue reading “Isight – Improve Product Design with Parametric Optimization”

Learn 13 Interesting Things about Simulia ABAQUS

May 14th, 2014
Hans Steiner

Companies use ABAQUS and other Dassault Systemes software products every day for a multitude of sophisticated engineering uses. But ABAQUS software is interesting in and of itself. Did you know, for instance, that: 1. Best in class FEA solver ABAQUS has industry leading capabilities in: general contact analysis using non-linear materials (i.e., composites, rubber, soil) large assembly models 2. ABAQUS was created by Dr. David Hibbitt after he founded ABAQUS, Inc. (formerly Hibbitt, Karlsson and Sorensen, Inc.) in 1978. The first parallel version of ABAQUS, version 5.4, was made available to users in 1995. 3. There are more than 100 … Continue reading “Learn 13 Interesting Things about Simulia ABAQUS”

How TOSCA Optimization Software Can Improve Your Product Development Process

April 22nd, 2014
Hans Steiner

Previously, we discussed the importance of selecting the right VAR for providing you with SIMULIA brand products, such as Abaqus, in order to develop products faster and at lower cost. If you are interested in further reducing costs, getting products to market faster, and potentially lowering your warranty liability, consider using Dassault Systemes’ topology optimization software, TOSCA. Product development the “old-fashioned way” is done through a process of building, testing, evaluating and redesigning, and then repeating those 4 steps over and over – until the product looks and performs adequately. This method can be very time consuming and expensive, which … Continue reading “How TOSCA Optimization Software Can Improve Your Product Development Process”